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Please read all of the information located on the registration page before you submit your registration. 

April 4, 2016 Update: We only have about 8 semi-private beds available as well as only a few bunk beds remaining! We are almost full to capacity of 127!!! Very excited to see & spend time with all of you!! Check out the weekend Schedule

March 28, 2016 Update: Good Evening Ladies! We are now 1 month away form the start of the conference. We still have about 30 beds left. We have a few semi-private beds, the rest are bunk beds. The last day to register is April 25th, the Monday before the conference. NO registrations will be accepted after that day. 

March 14, 2016 UPDATE: We still have room!! We have about 20 semi-privates left along with some fun bunk-beds. I will add more to the schedule this week. We have plenty baskets to raffle along with workshops, speakers, yoga & meditation. Join us for an informative peaceful weekend!

February 27. 2016 UPDATE:

Today we had to make the decision to downgrade the amount of available rooms for this year's conference. The lack of currently registered women has resulted in decreasing our available space from 230 beds to 127 beds. Please know we now have 67 beds available. Many are semi-private. If you wish to join us please register as soon as possible. Please understand the business of running this conference requires that we are able to give concrete numbers often sooner than most people will commit to coming. The conference will go on!! Please for the continued solvency of this conference, into the future, we need your support. The conference cannot function on a deficit, which is a real danger.

February 19, 2016UPDATE:

The deadline for re-evaluating the number of reserved beds is quickly approaching. I want to take this time to discuss the objective & history of this conference. SIS was started by a dedicated group of women from Venice & Englewood with the expressed goal of presenting a local conference that was affordable & enlightening for the women of our area. Spiritual progress & fellowship have been the hallmark of this conference. I have attended the conference 4 times, 2 at Ellenton & 2 at Sarasota. Although I enjoyed the conference every time I attended, I felt at peace & transformed each time I left Ellenton. I know many feel as though Ellenton is too rustic, I beg to differ. The accommodations are not uncomfortable. The joy & comfort of sharing of sharing any venue with only our sober sisters cannot be stressed more strongly. I strongly urge you to step out of your comfort zone, take a chance & join us! This year we have planned to highlight the amazing women who currently call SW Florida home. These women are from around the country originally & brought their sobriety with them to SW Florida. If you have been thinking of joining us in enjoying their stories as well as the enlightening workshops please do so now! Originally we reserved beds for 230, at the current rate of registration we will have to cut back to 160. Which means will will be sharing this venue as we did when we were in Sarasota at the hotel. Once we drop our numbers to 160 we cannot increase again & once we are sold out we are sold out. 

February 3, 2016 UPDATE:

We need your support, March 1st we have to re-evaluate our numbers, we may have to cut our number in half if we don't receive enough registrations by March 1st!!!!! At this time we have reserved every bed at Day Spring's but if we downgrade then we will not have the venue to ourselves.

We currently have 22 Semi-private rooms available (2 people to a room is 44 semi-private beds). If you are worried about rooming with a large number of women in bunk beds you still have time to get a semi-private. Plenty of space in the bunks bed rooms as well.

Jan. 9th, 2016


Yes, on-line registration is ready!!! It has been an interesting & often frustrating experience. I am not an IT woman but I remain teachable even in this forum. I thank everyone for your patience. If you find a mistake on the site or have problems with registering please email us. Our telephone is operable as well but I work & it is often difficult to return calls. I am better at returning email.

So come on Gals! Get registered & join us for a wonderful weekend of serenity & fellowship!!!

Thank You

Desiree’ Chairwoman

Our theme for 2016 is “Living the Dream through the Steps”. We will be returning to Day Springs Episcopal Center. The serenity of this site is indescribable. The accommodations  range from “summer camp” style bunk beds to cabins with private/semi-private rooms, offering several choices for everyone.  Our conference will be the only people staying on-site affording us more anonymity & opportunities for fellowship. The link to Day Springs is dayspringfla.org , I urge you to explore their website to see the natural beauty of this Conference Center.


Reservations Will Open October 1, 2015
Reservations for the 2016 conference at the Day Spring Episcopal Conference Center, Parrish, FL.  YES, you can register by mail with a check made out to SIS Conference.  Please printout the registration (.pdf ) form found on the registration page.

Spring Into Sobriety 2016– together WE can!  Questions:  email womensis@gmail.com. If you need us to change the email we have on file, please send your old and new email address. All email addresses and personal information will be confidential.

We are all looking forward to hearing back from you! A note to all sisters in sobriety, we suggest you visit our website often to read the latest Updates.

We Need Volunteers! Please email us if you would like to help! Planning meetings are held monthly from now until the conference, so please let us know that you are interested in being of service.
Contact Us and send a message, or e-mail us at womensis@gmail.com  or call the SIS telephone: (941)681-0747 please leave a message.

What do you have that’s a Raffle Item? We are looking for donations for RAFFLE PRIZES! Please email us at womensis@gmail.com or call the SIS telephone: (941)681-0747 to make a donation for the raffle prizes.

Comments From 2015's Conference at Day Springs

"As soon as we entered the grounds, I felt peace and serenity come over me and I was able to just relax and forget about all the stress at work/home for the weekend."

"There is something very spiritual about Dayspring, it is quiet and restful. I was able to let go and relax....."

"The fact that the price was all-inclusive was really great. I was expecting boring camp food, but the food was healthy and delicious!"

"The best part was that you didn't feel guilty about down time. The way the conference was scheduled, each workshop was held twice, so you automatically hed time to take breaks without missing anything. I thought that was awesome!"

"With kayaking, canoeing, walking in the woods, and all the other activities - it felt like summer camp for grown women!"

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17th Annual Spring into Sobriety Women's Conference 2016

"Living the Dream Through the Steps"

Friday, April 29th - Sunday, May 1st 2016

The Day Spring Episcopal Conference Center, Parrish, FL

Pre-registration ONLY- NO On-site registration

Sorry No Day passes 


email: womensis@gmail.com  phone: 941-681-0747



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