About Us

Many women ask us
“How did this conference begin?”

  • Well let’s see .. in the late 1990′s a small group of women would meet in Venice on some land by the river and have a very primitive women’s retreat no toilets, bring your own food and drink, campfire and talk in depth way into the night about their lives in sobriety.

  • Then 2 ladies went to the South Eastern Women’s Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida one year and on the way home talked about a women’s conference in Venice, Florida.

  • How great it would be to bring workshops, speakers and meetings to the local women who may not have the chance to go to other cities.

  • A few months passed and they had discussed it with some of their friends in recovery. A Hotel in Venice was found and then they decided to “Put our money where are mouths were” after much prayer they signed a contract with the hotel for $4,000 for that 1st year, on faith because they had no money.

  • They recruited women who wanted to help, to be on committees and in 2000 the 1st Spring Into Sobriety Women’s Conference, affectionately called “SIS” by many, began. The Theme that year was “Here we grow”.

  • They began sending out registration flyers about the weekend conference to women’s groups in the area. And women responded.

  • Each year the conference could not have happened without our HP guidance and a bunch of recovering women willing to participate as attendees, workshop presenters, speakers and volunteers.

  • We are truly grateful for all the women who have been involved, we are evolving again.

  • The hotel had a fire!

  • 2010 Conference had to unwind … wow, it cost a lot of money to NOT hold a conference in 2010. The hotel had issues certainly, ask any lady still waiting for her Saturday Banquet dinner on our 10th Anniversary. SIS had 239 women registered that year and we were REALLY maxed out, packed to the gills.

  • So our HP  provided us another place and perhaps a home, to hold our conference.

  • The 2011 Conference which was held at Day Springs in Ellenton, Fl was a great success. The weekend was beautiful and a great time was had by all. Our HP was there to guide us all the way.

  • For the 2012 SIS Conference, we thought we would stay “up north a bit” which resulted in our first “Resort” conference to date! Although the Helmsley Sandcastle ~ Lido Key, FL could only allow us to register 200 women due to facility space, We found that our approach to “Keeping it Simple” with some breathtaking beachfront and St. Armands shops nearby, was a delightful & welcome change.

  • So much so, that we decided to re-book the Helmsley Sandcastle again for the 2013 SIS Conference! There is just something about the “connection factor” that can be found on the white sands, in the pool, at the functions and in the workshops that we believe remind us of what we really have…. “A Life Second to None”! For all of this, we are truly grateful!

  • SIS 2014 was held on Lido Beach, in Sarasota FL on a gorgeous spring weekend in April. The theme was Stepping Into Paradise where recovery workshops, speaker meetings and lots of fellowship received accolades. Add to that a yummy hospitality room was an extra bonus open to all.  SIS 2014, was a huge success and “sold out” way before the deadline. We surely had the “best SIS yet.” Looking forward now to SIS 2015.

  • SIS 2015 was held at Day Spring Conference Center in Ellenton. The theme was ” Stepping Stones”. The conference was relaxing & serene. Please see the Chair Report from 2015 Chairwoman Joycee S.

  • SIS 2016 was held again at Day Spring Conference Center. The serenity & privacy is second to none.  You’ve got a story to tell, and here’s where you do it.

  • SIS 2017 was held in Venice Florida, where it all began and the theme was “Coming Home” Chair Report from 2017 Chairwoman Tela Thompson.

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