2015 Chair Report


What a spiritual weekend we had. God is great and provided us (Committee) with a few
precious newcomers and returning from road trips “ladies” of dignity and grace at the beautiful and peaceful DaySpring Retreat in Parrish, FL.

Our committee members were very enthusiastic and willing to bring true joy to all those in attendance, donned by purple/amethyst dressings.

We gathered, crafted items, shared experiences, ate (a lot of great food), drank tons of coffee, laughed, danced, took notes, listened and spoke, cried and hugged a bunch.

Our speakers were so deeply rooted in the AA principles and shared powerful messages of hope and faith in Alcoholics Anonymous.

The “amethyst color” sprouted out everywhere and gave me great joy to see that ‘sober stone’; my favorite color and birthstone spreading comfort and sobriety on all in attendance.

The Committee blessed me with a beautiful purple stuffed and dressed up Octopus that I will always cherish and is sitting in my bedroom to this day.. Our mascot, Amethyst.

One of the highlights was our game show: “are you smarter than a 3rd grader in AA” … and as the teams of girls gathered, the mix was perfect (seasoned and new) sharing in the fun of answering some very difficult and tricky AA history questions.

And for the grand finale, without a clue as to who would chair 2016, God touched our next Chairperson on the shoulder and a new Committee was born right there at the very closing meeting. The excitement and overwhelming God Presence was truly a sight to see.

We passed the baton at my home over Italian Food and Fellowship as the New Committee from Port Charlotte walked away with all the ‘fixins’ for 2016 SIS Conference.

Grateful to have been of service, Joycee C.