Frequently Asked Questions

ALL Registrations ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER April 15, 2020

Do you have Conference schedule?
Your conference schedule is getting it’s “finishing touches” now.  Keep checking here to be the first to see what exciting workshops, speakers, etc we’re putting together for you!

Can I buy a Registration for 1 or 2 of my sponsees?
Yes, most definitely. In fact we would encourage that! Each one on a separate registration form. Registration alone is only $30, online is $33.

I really want to help, who do I contact?
There are lots of jobs available, even being a greeter is wonderful – you get to meet everyone!  You can Send email to

Can we share a room?
Yes, register with the Hotel directly, tell them you are with SIS conference & how many will be in the room. Up to 4 to a room. Only $89 per room per night plus all the tax stuff they charge. Hotel Venezia 941-308-7700

What do each of the accommodations look like? 
Click here for photos
This is now a stunning Resort and we are tickled pink to be there.
The pool is awesome. Please see the Hotel Resort website.

Pets are welcome in the rooms for a one time nonrefundable fee of $25. Pets will be allowed in areas (including conference room but not the banquet) as per Hotel rules. The conference itself reserves the right to ask any pet be removed if disruptive or if an attendee is allergic.
Remember please be gracious to your fellow SIS’ers.

T-Shirts will be available for purchase during the Conference only.

Scholarship information
We hope you will attend! If your circumstances do not allow you to afford attendance, sign up for a Scholarship. Download the application form when available (Date TBA) and select the option that you would like a scholarship (bottom right). Include your email, address and phone number, then mail it to the address on the form. You will be contacted by a volunteer.
The scholarship will include the total cost of the Registration and Saturday Banquet. However, other meals, T-shirt, raffle and hotel room are not included. Keep in mind a service commitment is REQUIRED. This conference is run on a small budget, there may be only a few scholarships.

How do I figure my total payment?
You can use the downloadable Registration form where you can total your entire purchase in the left column.
Or you can register online as soon as we finish setting it up.  Your total costs will be added up for you when you select your credit card (or PayPal) choice and finish the registration.

Do I need a PayPal account to do Online Registration?
No. You do not require a PayPal account to use Debit or Credit. PayPal executes our transactions. Your financial information is handled by PayPal and never seen by us.

Online Payment Security:
You can pay with Debit, Credit or PayPal account. You do not require a PayPal account to use Debit or Credit. PayPal executes our transactions. Your financial information is handled by PayPal and never seen by us. This added security does not allow us to add to or alter your order/registrations, you must initiate all orders/registrations.

I have special food requirements. Can this be accommodated?
Food choices and menus will be announced soon.  Stay tuned!
We can always ask the hotel with plenty of notice from you. All other meals are on your own.  Each room has a fridge, microwave and coffee maker. Hotel does breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also has room service.

Do you have Vendors?
The only Vendor we have officially are the Tapers who do the Recording of the speakers for free. They sell the recordings and other products.  Anyone else who is selling at the conference is not doing it officially. So the conference has no standing with the unofficial ones.

Your Information is Private:
If you register online or by mail or add your name to our waiting lists, your first name and email is recorded and added to our secure list for future emails informing you about our future events.

You are able to unsubscribe safely at any time, and your email will be removed from all lists and records. Your first name and email is the only data used to inform you of your future events.

If you register early, you will still receive the updates on the event, please forward them to a friend! Your financial information is handled by PayPal and never seen by us. Under no circumstances will your information be shared with anyone.

A printable registration flyer is available: Download a printable registration form here